I have a serious problem with YES/NO “lightening round” responses to Seattle’s most pressing and very complicated issues. Below are my explanations of why I responded the way I have. Please read with an open mind. I have spent a long time researching these issues because I care deeply about the well-being of everyone in Seattle.

The responses below are in the order questions are presented in Alignvote, and then cover additional YES/NO answers that have been published elsewhere.

Rent Control

This wouldn't be a question if our City Council had been doing their job to ensure an adequate supply of affordable and reasonably priced rentals. Rent Control requires a change in our State Law and isn’t an option at this time for Seattle.

Political Affiliation

Democrat. I have been WAY ahead of the curve on equality, racial and gender issues - sometimes by decades. However, I am fiscally RESPONSIBLE. I view my job as a City Councilmember to do the very best for Seattle residents while taxing residents as little as possible.

Head Tax

The Head Tax showed an appalling lack of knowledge of how businesses operate. I would never tax any business on gross revenue. Taxes should be based on net operating profit. I won't vote for new taxes on anyone until we determine current City spending and its effectiveness.

Safe Injection Sites

I want to dedicate resources to actually helping people, rather than just providing a space to continue destructive behavior. We must hold King County Public Health accountable for providing treatment while supporting their efforts financially. Safe injections site don’t work.

The 2018 Vancouver, B.C. Coroner’s report listed an astonishing 1,535 deaths from illicit drugs despite the existence of more than 20 safe injection sites. In Ottawa: ‘Despite a rescue attempt with Naloxone and intervention by paramedics, a drug user who overdosed at a supervised injection site on Murray Street last week later died in hospital.’ (Source: Ottawa Citizen).

The combination of drugs being consumed are so complex and powerful, the antidotes won’t be able to keep up with the toxicity of what is being injected. To save lives we must get people off illegal drugs, into residential treatment programs, with medicated treatment being a viable option.

Sweeps of Unauthorized Encampments

ONLY if we can provide alternative places for individuals to live. We simply can not allow people to live in unacceptable conditions; conditions so terrible, that should I allow my dogs to live in such circumstances, I would be arrested for animal cruelty. Encampments pose severe public health risks to the residents and surrounding community. Residents in the encampments are often victimized by others living on the streets. If we care, we will find acceptable housing and close all unsanctioned encampments.

Seattle Income Tax

The Seattle Income Tax does not address our regressive (most regressive in the Nation) tax system. I want permanent solutions for the repressive taxes on low income individuals/families through a proper State Income Tax with REDUCTIONS in sales and property taxes.

Seattle Police Department

I support the Police when they are right and have always been openly critical when they are wrong. One bad officer does not make the entire department bad and an incident in another state is not the fault of the Seattle Police Department.

Forced Treatment

When someone becomes a danger to themselves and others, it becomes society's responsibility to protect that individual and those around them. It is in no one's best interest to be a drug addict.

Congestion Pricing in Downtown

This is being proposed by Uber and Lyft. I am opposed to the corporatization of public transportation.