Safe Neighborhoods

Everyone deserves a safe place to live. Everyone.

Firefighters and Police tell us that they need more support to handle the growth of Seattle. That’s why Pat proposes increasing the budget for first responders by 20% over the next five years. Our safety starts with their safety.

Pat wants to end the opioid crisis in Seattle. Seattle is not dying, but it needs our help. That’s why she wants to work with King County Public Health to create and fund programs which provide treatment options best suited to the needs of those suffering from addiction and/or mental heath issues, as well as safe and sanitary shelter.

Pat will build pre-charge diversion programs that keep people out of the revolving criminal justice system whenever possible. Pat also believes that we need to increase the number of social workers that work with police, to provide direct support to people in need.

What I am fighting for

There are many issues facing our city as we grow into the next decade. As a progressive activist, I believe that the source of our strength is “we.” We the people will do what the individual cannot, and cooperatively find the best solutions. From housing to transportation, and from healthcare to the environment, the power of we will allow us to resolve these issues for generations to come. -Pat

Housing for Everyone

Pat will take decisive action to increase the supply of truly affordable housing. That’s why she proposes a 15% foreign-buyers tax on all real estate purchases by out-of-state investors. A recent purchase by a European firm could have generated $111 million in tax revenue, resulting in the funding of 370 affordable units.

Pat also wants an end to the inadequate in-lieu fees, instead requiring every new development to have inclusionary affordable units for the life of the building.

Pat will support the people of D3 to remain in their community and retain their homes. As property taxes go up, apartment owners raise the prices of their units, but often at a higher rate than the tax increase. This practice often prices people out of those units. Pat will work start a program to move renters to home owners, ensuring the opportunity to build wealth.

Equitable Development

Pat strives to bring equitable development to D3. Equitable development is designed to meet the needs of under-served communities through policies and programs that reduce disparities while fostering places that are healthy and vibrant.

Pat will invest in the residents and businesses of Seattle’s D3. That’s why she will create a fund that invests in minority-owned and small businesses with development grants, apprenticeship and training opportunities, as well as create a program to assist Seattle residents in becoming homeowners.

Economic Justice

Many of the struggles from housing to healthcare are really symptoms of economic inequality. Pat believes that we need to take on poverty as the root cause of social stress. It does not have to be this way. Increased union membership, increased training programs for high school students, increased apprenticeships, and pathways to jobs are good ways to build the up the next generation. Higher wages, public healthcare and job training can help the people waiting for an economic boost, now. The City of Seattle does have the power to lift people out of poverty while preventing the middle class from sliding further down the economic ladder.