The following are a list of endorsements Pat has earned. All titles associated with these names are for identifying purposes only.

Community Leaders

Lawrence Pitre, President of the Central Area Chamber of Commerce

Marshall Nachtman, President of Pier Trucker Association

Current and Former Elected Officials

Lloyd Hara, former King County Assessor

Organizations and Local Businesses

Speak Out Seattle
Moms for Seattle

Pat is the candidate that will represent all the people. She’s not beholden to any special interest group, a limited constituency, or the current elected officials of Seattle. She’s bright, she’s ethical and she truly cares about what is best for Seattle.
— Dolores Ranhofer

JUL 21, 2019 —
Eighteen candidates representing all seven Seattle City Council districts have pledged to uphold the Seattle ordinance that protects parks from development or changes of use.

District 3 Pat Murakami
— Save Seattle Parks

I am for Pat Murakami for Seattle City Council. Pat and I worked together on the Cleveland High School PTSA. Pat is all about people and doing what is right. She worked hard for every student and teacher in the school and neighborhood. She is a mother, wife, business owner and a great friend. With everything going on in her life, she was there for me when I needed help and I trust her with my life and family.
— Angela Mealing

Seattle needs someone who represents all of us who work for a living, own a small business and/or own our homes. She’s been fighting for the people of South Seattle for years. Let’s elect someone who will help us not just the developers and corporations. Thanks for running Pat.
— Janet Spindler

She is the most sensible candidate for this district. She is very well educated with great ideas. It is imperative we get rid of the current council member in this district who is literally wrecking our city.
— Edmund Allen

Public Support

Ahmed Abdi

Edmund Allen

Steven Fain

Carrie Ford

Darnell Hibbler

Asukaa Jaxx, Former District 3 Candidate for City Council.

Thomas Kelly

Linda Lowry

Esther Maimon

Susan Martin

Bernard McMahon

Angela Mealing

Mark Philiposian

Dolores Ranhofer

Bob Rosenberger

Kathy Sampson

Dennis Saxman

Nolan Small

Janet Spindler

Flora Ybarra